RSV hit…

After trying to manage bad cold symptoms for 6 days and fevers for 4, we finally would up in the ER at Lurie Childrens.  It got to the point where I was giving nebs at home (which I’ve never had to do) and Jonathan started having signs of cyanosis when he had to hold his breath to cough.  He also became very orthopneic and became ruddy in complexion when I changed his diaper and started flailing in panic.  He needed to be upright all the time, so off to the ER we went.

His vitals were pretty good in triage, so we were taken back to a room.  Unfortunately we were there for over an hour before a nurse checked on us and realized his oxygen levels were only 87%.  Needless to say, he was then placed on oxygen, followed by a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  Thankfully, he didn’t have pneumonia, but we had to be admitted because of his oxygen requirements.

After getting to his room, his very sweet, efficient nurse set up suction for us and helped me do some good suctioning and then this happened….

Oxygen levels of 97% on Room Air (no oxygen)!!!  Too bad I didn’t have this kind of suction at home!  The bulb suctioning just wasn’t cutting it.  This was great though, and he could finally get some good rest.  img_2968
Thankfully, though we were prepared to intervene if necessary, he maintained good oxygen levels throughout the night while asleep on room air.  His regular pediatrician came in the morning to see him and let us know he had RSV.  Not a big surprise considering the progression of his illness.  We just weren’t sure if he was going to get better or even worse, so it was good we went in and he could get some relief.  img_2967Sleeping early in the morning with perfect numbers.  Since he proved throughout the night that his was maintaining good oxygen levels without assistance, we all felt comfortable going home to get a much better rest.

After a good night’s sleep, waking that morning.  A whole new little boy!  This was the view from his room.

You know it’s time to go when the kid starts cleaning the cabinets with Boogie Wipes!