I like to PARTY!!!

Wow! October sure was a busy month, and November is looking to be just as crazy!  Get ready for a picture FEST!

Of note, Jonathan has officially graduated from Physical Therapy.  He is scoring at his actual age or above on his motor skills, so he has been discharged!  This is BIG news here!  We are of course going to continue to promote his development every chance we get, so he is still swimming, going to gymnastics and his Mom Pop Tot class!

Jonathan is now 21 months old.  He is walking, running, climbing and has graduated to a “big boy” bed.  He enjoys the outdoors and exploring.  He loves animals, particularly dogs and cats.  He also takes after his father in liking anything electronic, specially if it has buttons!  We are all well and enjoying every moment with our beautiful boy.  We are blessed.


The Pumpkin Patch at Lincoln Park Zoo

Partying with the Birthday Girl and Guy!  Talysin turned 16 and Julian 21!!!

Absolutely loving his visit from Lola (Grandma)!

Pirates for the Mom Pop Tot Halloween party and Jesse White Community Center party!  Yes, 2 parties in 1 day!

Spider-Man for his buddy Theodore’s Super hero Birthday Party!!!

Happy Birthday Ella!!!

 Music with Mr Dave on Halloween

Trick or Treating on Southport!



…and on that note, I hope this finds you well and brings you a smile!