Choo Choo, I’m 2!!!


Jonathan is officially 2 years old and just had his official 24 month check up today!  Here are his stats:

Height 32.28″ (9%)
Weight 11.57KG/25lbs, 8oz (19%)
Head Circumference 19.65″ (81%)

He’s following his curve perfectly, and catching up!  Developmentally he is testing at his age or above, so he not in any therapies and is an official graduate of the NEST developmental clinic!


At the doctor’s waiting room in Streeterville Pediatrics.


Graduation and final NEST Clinic appointment! His amazing NICU team!

Jonathan had a Choo Choo train Birthday Party on Saturday and had a great time celebrating with friends and family!  He now has more toys than we know what to do with, so we are trying to open them in stages.

Here, let me help you with that!


With his Godfather, Uncle Mike.

He absolutely loves to clean!

On his actual birthday, we had a nice breakfast at YOLK and Jonathan enjoyed his own yummy plate!

Jonathan currently has quite a busy schedule.

Monday – Swimming
Tuesday – Gymnastics
Wednesday – Music
Thursday – FREE day
Friday – Mom Pop Tot (includes play, craft, music and tumbling)

Thank you for following his progress and sending us so much love!


I’m “1” AGAIN!

Well actually, Jonathan is 15 months old, but he is 12 months corrected/adjusted for prematurity now!  Woot!  Woot!


We just had his check up and he is 30″ long and 20lbs 6oz!!!  That is the 15th Percentile **not adjusted for prematurity**!!!!  He is on the grid for his actual age!  It is great news, and it means he is catching up nicely!

At Jonathan’s last NEST clinic (developmental clinic) appointment they were concerned about his gross motor skills being behind.  So we got another visit from Early Intervention, and they did an in-home assessment.  Of course, he’s just started to crawl, but he is compensating for some muscle strength he doesn’t have yet.  He is doing fine with development of care, speech and occupational therapy.  He is going to start some physical therapy do make sure he doesn’t get any further behind with his gross motor skills.  A therapist will come to the house to play with him once a week.  This is great news as he will get help in his own environment and I will be able to learn more how to help him from the Physical Therapist.


This is on Mother’s Day.

Most recently, we also walked in the March for Babies event.  Here are some pictures of the event.  Thank You so much to all the people that supported us on our walk!  It meant so much to us and many others!

This past weekend was one of many celebrations!  Jonathan turned 1 corrected age, we had our 5th Wedding Anniversary and Mother’s Day all in one weekend!  We are  blessed!!!  Thank you so much for continuing to follow our story and Jonathan’s progress!

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ONE Year


A year ago today, February 8, 2015 at 10:38am, Jonathan (Meaning “Gift of God”) made his early arrival.  Our lives are forever changed.  He is truly is a very special gift.  Oh, how far we’ve come.


Mommy sees Jonathan for the fist time 2 days later, February 10, 2015 in the afternoon.


I finally get to hear Mommy’s heartbeat again.  The first time Mommy actually got to hold me out of the isolette, 5 days later, February 13, 2015.  Thank you Nurse Lauren for making it feel safe and easy.


One month later, Jonathan is having his very first bath.  He loved being in the water.  Thank you, Nurse Sherry, for talking Mommy through it!


Exactly 2 months old, and Jonathan already shows his personality!


The day Jonathan went home.

As you all know, our journey has continued with countless blessings and milestones met.  Today, though Jonathan is still only 9 months corrected age, we celebrate that he has been with us for a year and we have ALL survived.  Here is what we’re up to these days…


He loves music (shocking, I know…).


Jonathan brought treat’s to share with our friends at CHN (Church of the Holy Nativity) this Sunday.   We couldn’t have survived this year without all of you.  Thank You all so much for your unwavering love and support.


Jonathan, you’re only young for a little while, so Mommy is still enjoying that you just want to be with her sometimes.  Yes, he still loves to hear Mommy’s heartbeat.


Mondays Jonathan goes swimming, so today was no different!  Here he is with his swim instructor…eating his ribbon for swimming on his birthday!  He still loves being in the water.


Jonathan is holding a picture of the day he was born.  His backdrop, the blanket Mommy made to cover his isolette in the NICU.  What a difference a year makes.