Look at me!

So much has happened since our last post!  Jonathan continues to be in swim class on Mondays and is often the star pupil.  He takes lessons at Goldfish Swim School and has advanced to Mini 2!

Jonathan has been in Physical Therapy for the past few months to get him through this walking stage.  We have a great Physical Therapist named Debbie that has been doing pediatric therapy for a while.  Though Jonathan loves her, he lets us know how hard she is making him work.  He does a little bit of toe walking and we are just trying to make sure this is just a coordination and strength issue and wont be a continued problem for him.  He’s doing great!  Toe walking is less and less as he continues to get stronger.

Another new activity to help Jonathan in his strength and encourage strengthening activities is Gymnastics!  The Chicago Park District offers Gymnastics at many locations and one of them is only 3 blocks away!  Jonathan loved it at first site!

I know you’ll be surprised to hear that he enjoys anything musical…

Most recently he figured out how to make noise through his recorder!  He still pounds on the piano every chance he gets!

We’ve been taking many trips up the “The Farm” in Michigan with Jonathan’s Godmother, Lexie and most recently took at trip to Northern Wisconsin to spend some time with Jonathan’s Godfather, Mike.  Here are some pictures of his summer fun!  Many Blessings to all of you!  Thank You for your thoughts, prayers and love.  It is returned tenfold…










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